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Image by Quino Al


Confetti coloured custom mouthguard
Custom mouthguard with lava strip through the middle
Metallic gold flake custom mouthguard
Lava coloured custom mouthguard
Zebra print custom mouthguard
Yolk Yellow coloured custom mouthguard
Rainbow coloured custom mouthguard
Bright Red coloured custom mouthguard
Tie-dye coloured custom mouthguard
Bright Yellow coloured custom mouthguard
Custom mouthguard with camouflage strip
Deep Green coloured custom mouthguard
Camouflage coloured custom mouthguard
Metallic silver coloured custom mouthguard
Metallic silver flake custom mouthguard
Deep red coloured custom mouthguard
Light Blue coloured custom mouthguard
Bright Blue coloured custom mouthguard
Bright Pink coloured custom mouthguard
Maroon coloured custom mouthguard
Metallic gold coloured custom mouthguard
Dark Blue coloured custom mouthguard
Deep Black coloured custom mouthguard
Pure white coloured custom mouthguard
Bright Green coloured custom mouthguard

Which Mouthguard Will You Choose?

No matter what sport you play we have a guard that's right for you.

Kids Rugby
Deep Red coloured custom mouthguard

Flexible and comfortable for growing teeth. A great entry into custom sports mouthguards especially juniors. Our 4mm thick dual laminate design provides proven better protection level than single laminate types. A general use guard designed for sports with likely impacts from objects with a larger surface areas such as boxing, basketball, soccer, judo, wrestling etc.

AFL Game
Camouflage coloured custom mouthguard

Great option for stable adult teeth and sports where extremely hard or pointed impacts may occur such as Senior Rugby, Hockey, AFL, Karate, Squash, Kickboxing etc. 5mm thick and features a 3 layer protection design with a hard internal layer that helps redistribute impact forces and protects the edges of the teeth from being broken. 

zebra print coloured custom mouthguard

For those who want the best dental protection money can buy! Our Elite level sports mouthguards are 6mm thick and independently proven to be the most protective custom guards on the market. The Elite guard is 3 layers thick and features a hard internal layer that helps to redistribute impact forces and prevent teeth edges being broken. 

Why Use A Custom Sport Mouthguard?

Not all mouthguards are created equal and the benefits of a custom fitted sport mouthguard over a generic off the shelf/boil and bite mouthguard have been proven to be far more beneficial even for participation at club level sports. Find out what makes our custom mouthguards the best you can buy! 



Multi Laminate Protection

Mouthguard protection chart


Custom Fit

Mouthguard protection chart
Image by Baylee Gramling




Mouthguard protection chart

Unlike other mouthguards that offer only one layer of protection all of our mouthguard range feature muliple layers of protection. Our Starter mouthguards are dual laminate whilst our Light-pro and Warrior Elite level guards are three layers thick including a hard middle layer that helps distribute impacts and protect the edges of the teeth. Multi-laminate guards provide less bulk in the area around the tongue while providing better protection where it matters. 

Anyone who's ever used a generic mouthguard or boil and bite type guard knows that they never fit quite right or are uncomfortable even after trimming.

This can lead to poor performance in the game or on the pitch and may result in the mouthguard not being worn at all.

With our mouthguards this is never an issue as they are made to fit your teeth precisely and are sculpted to avoid soft tissue areas like the frenulums. We send out an easy to use two part putty system for you to capture your dental impression that you post back for us to make your custom guard.

Custom mouthguards have been proven in tests to provide a higher level of protection than single layer guards or off the shelf products.

Our guards are able to have the lower jaw imprinted into the bite of the guard. This design process creates a circular protective border known as a buccal shield that helps prevent the lower jaw making excessive lateral movement in the case of an impact. 

Mouthguard protection chart

This graph demonstrates each mouthguards ability to distribute frontal impacts towards the rear of the mouthguard. The higher the percentage the more effective the guard is at distributing impact forces across the surface of the guard. 

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