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Light-pro Mouthguards

Rugby match

For Adults/Impact Sports

Our light-pro mouthguards are a great option for adult players of sports where they may take an impact to the mouth such as AFL, Basketball, Hockey, Water Polo and Rugby. 

Best suited to stable adult teeth and for those wanting the next level of protection over the Starter Guard..

Custom mouthguard protection diagram

Triple Laminate Protection

The light-pro mouthguard features three layers of protection for your teeth.

A soft inner and outer layer provides a comofortable fit while a thin hard middle layer provides vital protection to the edges of the teeth.

At 5mm thick it provides a superb level of protection. 

Home dental impression kit

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

With our home dental impression kit you can be sure that our mouthguards will fit exactly like one ordered through the dentist.

We use state of the art thermoforming machines along with occluform to incoporate the opposing teeth.

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