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Our mission of providing you with affordable dental protection

Dental Protection for Everyone

Spartan Guards was started with the core belief that everyone should have access to affordable products that provide them with the best chance of protecting their teeth. As we all know, we only get one set of adult teeth and if we want to avoid costly dental bills then a protective guard is a cost effective way of maintaining a healthy smile. Whether you play contact sport, grind your teeth or suffer with excessive snoring we have a product for you. 

Traditionally custom made guards have only been available by visiting the dentist and paying substantially for them to take your dental impression. By taking your own dental impression with our home impression kit you save yourself significant cost over going to the dentist however you can be assured that you will still be receiving the same quality of product. You also get more choice over colour and design than you may at the dentist.

Since we started our mission of providing affordable dental products a number of companies have tried to emulate our business model however none can match our range of products, our prices or our extremely high level of customer service. This is reflected in the incredible reviews our customers have left for us. We have dedicated live chat on site as well as direct phone support to the technician making your products.

Professionally Made
Professionally Made Products

All of our products are made in our lab located on the Illawarra Coast, New South Wales. Every product ordered is hand made by a qualified dental technician who has 15 years of experience making products in the dental industry. We do not outsource any of our work. All of our custom dental products are made right here in Australia, which is why we have such a quick turnaround for getting your product back to you so you can start protecting your teeth as soon as possible.

Every product we make uses bio-compatible material that is approved with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and we are a fully insured laboratory. 


Sabrina Kelly
3mm Soft/Hard Nightguard

After a visit to the dentist and suffering with increasing tooth sensitivity  my dentist advised me that my teeth have suffered considerable wear due to night time grinding. I was quoted a lot of money to be provided a night guard  so i'm so thankful a friend told me about Spartan Guards. Saved myself a considerable amount of money over the dental surgeries prices! 

Kerry Stephens
Silensor-sl Anti Snore Device

I was apprehenive initially about using the anti-snore device as I was worried it would uncomfortable to wear while sleeping. I couldn't be happier with it though once I started using it! It's really comfortable to use and it has significantly reduced the noise of my snoring, much to my fiancee's delight! 

Lyndsay Kennedy
Soft/hard Night Guard

I recently found out I needed a guard to help stop grinding my teeth. I reached out to  Spartan Guards - the process to get one privately exceeded my expectations.
I was consulted on the strength of the guard, walked through how to do the mold, and then created the guard, talking me through the process so I could appreciate what was going into the work. It arrived in the post so quickly, way faster than expected, and fit perfectly! It also came with a case to ensure it stays clean.

Going directly to a professional guard maker meant it significantly lowered the cost, because the dentist markup was gone. f your considering getting a dental protection device having discussed it with your dentist, I highly recommend you reach out to Spartan Guards.


Wilson Zhang
2mm Soft/Hard Night Guard

Excellent product and service - Darren went out of his way to make sure that I did the dental impression correctly. The custom made nightguard is a very comfortable fit - one hardly notices that one's wearing a dental guard. Very pleased with the purchase.

Scott Allen
Spartan Guard Starter Sports Mouthguard

Fantastic customer service with attention to detail . Could not recommend Spartan Guards highly enough . The pricing is very competitive for a good quality product

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