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You can find the answers to most questions about our custom dental products below however we also have a contact page if you don't see your query here

  • Do I have to visit the dentist to get my dental impression taken?
    No, ordering with us means avoiding the expense of the dentists costs by taking your own impression with our home impression kit. By following our simple checklist instructions and how-to video on our website you will be able to take your own impression.
  • How do I take my own dental impression?
    Once you place a product order with us we send you one of our impression kits that includes the necessary impression trays and putty. By following our easy to follow impression taking tips included with your kit and also watching our impression taking video here on our site you will be able to take your own impression. We include additional putty within our kit in case you get the first impression wrong and can send more until you achieve the right impression. If you are unsure that your impression is correct once you have taken it you can email us a photo of it to and our trained technicians can assess it before you return it to us.
  • How do I take care of my Spartan Guard product?
    Every product we sell includes a colourful safe keeping box for you to keep your guard in while not using it. We also sell accessories to keep your guard clean. This includes cleansing sachets and an inexpensive battery operated ultrasonic cleaner that is designed to be small enough to be kept on your bedside cabinet. We do NOT advise using strong abrasives or toothpaste to clean your guard. Never use hot water to clean your guard in as this will distort it's shape.
  • Does my guard include any warranty?
    Our products have a one year (12months) limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects. It does not cover faults resulting from chewing on the guards and we advise that our guards are kept within the safe keeping box supplied when not in use in order for the warranty to be fulfilled. In purchasing with Spartan Guards you acknowledge that your guard is being supplied to you based on your individual needs and that you have made your own individual decision in determining which of the products suits your dental issues. Unless otherwise provided in the terms and conditions, Spartan Guards will have no liability to you whatsoever in respect of your selection of any of the products.
  • How soon will I get receive my order?
    All deliveries are made using Australia Post. Once you place an order please allow 2 - 7 business days to receive your impression kit. Once we receive your impression at our lab, allow 5-7 working days for construction before posting back to you. If you selected standard shipping at checkout your guard can take up to 6 business days to reach you. Express shipping can be received next business day after posting depending on lodgement and destination point. All deliveries include tracking.
  • What happens if my product doesn't fit when i receive it?
    If you have carefully followed our impression taking tips included with our kit and watched our impression taking video several times prior to taking your impression then ths should give you every chance of your product fitting correctly and comfortably. If however you find this is not the case upon receiving your product then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us either through our contact us page or by emailing We will of course do everything in our control to arrange a new impression kit to you and remake your chosen product.
  • How long will my product last?
    This can vary upon the product you are using and how well it is cared for. In general for nightguards you may need to order a new guard after two years due to wear, irritation to gums or loose fit. If you are finding that you are going through a thinner night guard too quickly it may be best to go for our thickest guard option. Sports mouth guards should last a good few years if looked after correctly. They are generally hard wearing so long as they are not chewed on during use. We advise children between 6 and 15 to change their mouth guard every season due to the nature of their changing dentition as these ages. In adults with fully erupted teeth you can reasonably expect 2-3 years of use before a change of guard is advised. If you suspect your guard is getting worn or loose or is cracking then it's probably best to order a new guard.
  • Why not just use a cheap boil & bite guard for my teeth instead?
    To put it simply, off the shelf boil and bite products cannot provide your teeth the correct level of comfort and protection that a custom made appliance can despite what the elaborate packaging may claim. The Australian Dental Health Foundation and the Australian Dental Association strongly advise taking dental impressions of your teeth in order to get the right protective mouthguard for you. Spartan Guards products are designed with a level of fit and protection you won't get from a generic store bought product. Our products are made to uniquely fit YOUR dentition comfortably and protect with superior materials.
  • Can I get private health cover rebate on my purchase?
    Currently, your private health insurance will not be able to issue you with a rebate. In the near future, we may partner with chosen dentists, and this option is likely to become available to our valued customers. All our products offer a cost-effective alternative to visiting a dentist for multiple appointments where you will receive exactly the same finished product. Even under the private health rebate, you may be required to pay a gap of in excess of what our products cost.
  • Who makes your products
    All our custom made products are made here in our dental laboratory located in New South Wales, Australia. Our technicians have many years of experience in the dental industry as trained dental technicians in Australia and the United Kingdom. They care passionately about providing quality products that provide superior levels of comfort and protection.
  • Are your products suitable for children?
    Our night guard, teeth whitening and anti-snore products are not suitable for under 16 year olds. Our sports mouth guards can be used by children and we highly recommend them using our starter dual layer guard. When using the home impression kit an adult will need to supervise under 18's and sign the enclosed checklist declaration.
  • Can I use your products if I have braces or fixed denture?
    Unfortunately our home impression kit cannot be used if you have fixed orthodontics (braces) or fixed dentures. Removable partial dentures and appliances must be removed prior to taking your impression.
  • Will your night guards stop me from grinding my teeth?
    Teeth grinding can be caused by a number of varying factors so you may wish to speak to a healthcare professional about the underlying issues. Our night guards prevent damage to your teeth and help alleviate associated symptoms such as migraine's, lack of sleep and jaw ache.
  • Aren't mouth guards and night guards the same thing?
    No they are not. Although both products are designed to protect your teeth there are distinct differences in design and materials used between the two. Night guards are mostly constructed from a very tough hard material and much narrower in profile than a mouth guard. They usually are designed to only cover the dentition and do not come into contact with the gums. Mouth guards are for use during sports activities where the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth may receive a sudden impact. They are thicker in design than night guards, constructed from softer material as they are designed to also cover the gums.
  • What product is right for me?
    You may wish to initially visit your dentist to get your initial diagnosis and get some advice on what method of treatment will work best for you. Alternatively you may already have an exsiting protective appliance that needs replacing. See our product page where you can our range of products along with some information on each type.
  • Can you make a night guard to fit my lower teeth instead?
    Absolutely! If you would prefer we design your night guard to be worn on your lower teeth then simply let us know in the notes of your order at checkout or you can also email us at if you have forgotten to add the note to your order.
  • What are your products made from?
    All of our products are manufactured from products that have been tested and approved as biocompatibly safe for use. Materials used for each product can be found in the description of each product.
  • Do your products change my bite?
    Inititally during the first few times of use your bite may feel strange while you get used to using the product, however a properly fitting appliance should not alter your bite or give you any pain or discomfort.
  • What is the cost of shipping?
    We post our products using Australia Post. Standard shipping is $11.95 and express shipping is $14.95. This cost covers shipping, materials, prepaid return satchel and handling. When dispatching your product from our laboratory we can provide you with a tracking number.
  • How long does it take to receive the impression kit?
    You can expect to receive your impression kit within 2 to 7 business days of placing your order.
  • How long will it take to receive my finished product?
    Once we have received your dental impression into our lab please allow 5-7 business days for manufacture of your appliance.
  • Do you provide tracking for my order?
    Once we have manufactured and dispatched your product from our laboratory in New South Wales, Australia we will provide you with a tracking number.
  • Do you take orders from outside of Australia?
    No, we currently only accept orders by customers within Australia. This may change eventually in the future.
  • What payment options can I use to place my order?
    We currently accept payment through PayPal and credit or debit card including Visa and Mastercard. We also now accept payment by Layby and Afterpay allowing you to receive your products up front and pay in equal interest-free payments.
  • Do your prices include GST?
    Yes the prices shown on our website are inclusive of GST.
  • Can I use Afterpay?
    Yes! We are pleased to announce that we are now able to accept payment with Afterpay.
  • Do you take American Express?
    We cannot take American Express directly but you may use it via PayPal.
  • What if I am not happy with my product?
    No problem at all, contact us within 14 days of receiving your product either via the contact page or by emailing us at and we will endeavour to assist you as quickly as possible. If a replacement cannot be arranged we will provide you with a full refund upon return of your product to our lab. Here are our terms and conditions and our return policy.
  • Who can I contact if I need help?
    You can contact us through our contact page or you can email us directly at or you can also find us on Facebook
  • When I expect a response from my email?
    During business days you can expect to receive a response within 6-24 hours. During the weekend may take a little longer.


Don't stress, give us a shout!

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