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Custom night guards for teeth grinding
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Dentist Grade Quality

Custom made to fit you accurately and comfortably. Made to the same standard as you would expect from your dentist but without the expensive hit to your wallet!


Our nightguards are designed to keep your teeth protected against grinding and clenching while you sleep. Left untreated teeth grinding can lead to irreversable damage to the enamel of the teeth, increased tooth sensitivity and complications to the jaw joint. 


Professionally Made

Our night guards are designed and made by a trained and qualified dental technician who has many years of experience working in the dental industry.


 Many aspects are taken into consideration during manufacture of each guard including shape of the customers dentition, whether any gaps are present and on our 3mm guard the opposing bite is incorporated into the bite, all to ensure that the guard is made to the highest standard possible.

Full Coverage Guards

Unlike some of our competitors our guards are designed to cover every tooth unless requested otherwise. Some companies only cover up to the first molar, leaving the second molars and any wisdom teeth uncovered. 

Why do we advocate full coverage?

If some teeth are left uncovered by the guard there is some risk of super-eruption of those teeth. This means those teeth could erupt further out of the gum into the unopposed space and lead to misalignment of teeth and a change in the bite situation. 

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Customer Choice

Not only do we offer a great selection of night guard thicknesses we also have colour options too if you don't want a clear guard. Some of our competitors claim their coloured guards are exclusive to them however this is simply not the case!


Most night guards are made for wearing on the upper teeth as they provide great retention for the guard however we also offer a lower night guard option when selecting your guard. 

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