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Product Features

Custom Silensor snore device

Dual laminate splints with soft inner layer

Slim profile connectors that allows jaw to open and close

Anchor points prevent lower jaw dropping backwards

What causes snoring?

Up to 40% of the population in industrialized countries snore. During sleep the muscles that control the tongue and soft palate relax and narrow. This relaxing of muscles can cause the airway to become obstructed and the air passing over the upper tissues of the mouth vibrates and leads to the distinctive sound of snoring. Snoring is therefore a mechanical action that can be treated mechanically with a therapeutic device. 

While many may not see snoring as causing any real health problems the effects of snoring can lead to sleepless nights for bedfellows and the lack of proper airflow during sleep can cause interrupted sleep, headaches, irritability and lack of concentration. Snoring is also associated with other health risks such as sleep apnea where the obstruction of the airway can cause long pauses between breathes. 

How does an anti-snore device work?

Spartan Guard's sleep device, the Silensor-sl, consists of a splint for both the upper and lower jaw that are connected with a small connector either side. These connectors advance the lower jaw slightly, which has a twofold effect of opening the airway and also preventing the jaw from falling backwards during sleep. Jaw movements and breathing through the mouth are still possible. The compact design of the device means it's not bulky to wear and in most cases* both splints are made from a dual laminate material that has a soft inner lining making it very comfortable to wear. Clinical tests have shown that the advancement of the lower jaw considerably reduces snoring at more than 80% of the patients and may reduce the apnea index at up to 50%. 

*In some cases, patients with lower teeth that don't have enough retention properties will require a hard lower splint. This does not effect the price or efficacy of the product.

When is the Silensor-sl suitable?

The Silensor-sl can be expected to be very successful since in almost all cases the noise involved in snoring is caused by constriction of the airways. Because of its compact design, the device does not inhibit breathing through the mouth. With severe obesity a good success of the treating, however, is doubtful. The effectiveness will thus be increasingly reduced at a BMI (body-mass-index) of more than 30. The Silensor-sl cannot be used with patients who have no teeth (edentulous) and should only be fixed to a partial denture which has adequate retention. You may wish to consult a dentist to assess whether or not residual teeth provide enough retention. If sleep apnea is suspected, the efficacy of the Silensor-sl should be assessed in a sleep laboratory considering the seriousness of this disease.

The Silensor-sl® is a trademark of ERKODENT®

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