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Snore no more with our custom fit Silensor-sl snore control device. We are the only direct to customer provider of the Silensor-sl in Australia. Save $$$'s over the dentist's price!


The Silensor-sl consists of one transparent or tinted splint for the upper jaw and one for the lower. The lower jaw is advanced by 2 connectors that are fixed laterally to the splint. The Silensor-sl thus counteracts the narrowing of the respitory tracts during sleep. The velocity of the inspired air decreases and so does noise generating vibrations of soft tissues.


Each splint is constructed with dual laminate materials that feature a comfortable soft inner lining and a hard outer lining.*

With Silensor-sl jaw movements are possible but falling back of the lower jaw is prevented. This makes the Silensor-sl a comfortable and effective appliance for snore management. Because the device is custom made a more comfortable fit can be provided than over the counter anti snore devices. 


Clinical tests have shown that the advancement of the lower jaw considerably reduces snoring in more than 80% of patients and may reduce the apnea index by up to 50%. With our 14 day money-back guarantee you really have nothing to lose! We also offer Laybuy, Afterpay and Klarna to help spread the cost of the payment. 


No visit to the dentist is necessary as upon ordering we will send you one of our at-home dental impression kits with full instructions of how to take your own impression. Once you send it back to us we make your custom anti-snore device and send it back to you.


*In cases with poor retention of lower teeth we may have to use a fully hard splint that comes in a turquoise or clear colour.


Nothing to lose in giving one a try, we operate a 14 day money back guarantee. 


Your purchase includes:

  • Home Impression Kit
  • Custom Made Silensor-sl in your chosen colour combination
  • Safe Keeping Case
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty on your Silensor-sl
  • 14 day money back guarantee

Silensor-sl Snore Control Device

GST Included

    Product is made from a Copolyester (PET-G) on the hard side and the soft inner side is made of Polyurethane (TPU) both of which are bio compatible and harmless to health. In some cases with lower teeth that do not provide enough retention the lower splint will be made from a fully hard material that is Copolyester (PETG)

    Please be aware of the following when ordering:

    • Not suitable for under 16 year olds
    • Not to be used if you have any fixed orthodontic appliances fitted
    • Not to be used if any upper or lower braces are fitted
    • Not to be used if ANY dentition is loose including crowns
    • Not suitable for anyone allergic to silicone

    Spartan Guards products are covered by a 1 year (12 months) limited warranty that covers against manufacturing faults and defects. It does not cover loss, improper use, accidental damage or products that have been chewed through. Night guards in particular are designed to withstand grinding force of the teeth but will eventually require replacing. If you find your night guard is wearing out quicker than anticipated you may need to order a thicker option. When placing an order with us you accept that your product decision is your own individual choice and that Spartan Guards will have no liability to you whatsoever. 

    ​We operate a 14 day Money Back Guarantee and will provide a refund (at our descretion) up to the full amount of the cost of the product. This does not include associated postage costs. To qualify for the Money Back Guarantee you must inform us within the 14 day period that you are not happy with your purchase. If an exchange can not be arranged we will issue you with a refund upon receipt of your unwanted product to our laboratory. 


    All products including the impression kit are sent via Australia Post. You should receive your impression kit within 7 business days. Once your impression kit arrives you will find a prepaid return satchel inside. This will provide means for you to return your impression to our laboratory.

    Once your product has been manfactured in the lab your product will be despatched according to the delivery level you selected at checkout

    Standard shipping can take up to 6 business days

    Express shipping should take one business day depending upon time of lodgement and destination point

  • GST

    Prices shown are inclusive of GST.

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