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Beautiful Smile


Achieve a brighter smile with our custom fitting teeth whitening kits.
Professional quality teeth whitening without the high cost.

Dentist Grade Home Whitening Kits

Custom made to fit you accurately and comfortably. Made to the same standard as you would expect from your dentist but without the expensive hit to your wallet!

Dentist Office
Image by Diana Polekhina

Effective Whitening Made Easy

Our teeth whitening trays provide the most effective way of whitening your teeth due to their custom fit to your dental impression. When we make each set of trays we incorporate reservoirs on the front of each tooth, which provides space to place the whitening gel. This means you avoid the mess of generic fitting trays and the gel is only applied to your teeth and not to the sensitive tissues around the tooth.

Only the Best Will Do!

Rather than confuse customers with dozens of products we believe in only providing products that have proven results time and time again. For that reason we use Philips Zoom! whitening gel with all our kits, which we consider to be the industries best gel available for home whitening. 


Philips'  whitening gel is formulated with options for daytime use with it's Day White product and night time use with it's NiteWhite product and all feature their unique ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) to deliver a gentler whitening experience with less tooth sensitivity.

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