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Starter Mouthguards

Image by Bj Pearce

For Kids/Low Action Sports

Our starter/junior mouthguards are a perfect entry into wearing custom sports mouthguards and for general use. Flexible enough for growing teeth while still proving great protection during club sports such as basketball, soccer, boxing with impacts from objects with larger surface areas.

Diagram of custom mouthguard protection

Dual Laminate Protection

Unlike our competitors guards we use a 4mm dual laminate design on our junior mouthguards rather than a single laminate design. Multi laminate guards provide proven better protection in vital areas while minimising bulk where it isn't needed. 

Home dental impression kit

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

With our home dental impression kit you can be sure that our mouthguards will fit exactly like one ordered through the dentist.

We use state of the art thermoforming machines along with occluform to incoporate the opposing teeth.

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