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Great starter custom mouthguard for kids. Dual layer protection!

Unlike our competitors entry level mouth guards our starter mouthguard is a 4mm thick dual layer design that will provide important protection to young kids playing sports with likely impacts from objects with a larger surface area like football, basketball and soccer. Around 93% of all dental traumas are around the incisal area of the tooth. Dual layer guards provide more protective strength in this vital area while reducing the bulk in the peripheries of the guard. Single layer guards loose important thickness over the incisal area due to the effects of the thermoforming causing the material to stretch in this area. Our dual layer guard will be around 20% more effective than a single layer guard.


Custom made at a competitive price our guards will provide superior protection over an off the shelf product. No visit to the dentist is necessary as upon ordering we will send you one of our at-home dental impression kits with full instructions of how to take your own impression. Once you send it back to us we make your custom mouthguard in our dental laboratory here in Australia. There is also an option for additional impression material to take an impression of your lower jaw, which we will use to make an imprint into the mouthguard if you desire extra stability and for those that clench while playing sport. 


Need a spare guard?

Purchase two guards at the same time and save 50% on the second guard. Please note that only one impression kit will be sent for both guards.


Your purchase includes:

  • Home Impression Kit (with optional lower impression tray)
  • Custom Made 4mm mouthguard
  • Safe Keeping Case
  • 1 Year Warranty on your mouthguard
  • 14 day money back guarantee

Spartan Guard Starter Transparent

PriceFrom $125.00
GST Included

    Product is made from EVA (ethyl-vinyl-acetate), which is bio compatible and harmless to health.

    Please be aware of the following when ordering:

    • Not to be used if you have any fixed orthodontic appliances fitted
    • Not to be used if any upper or lower braces are fitted
    • Not to be used if ANY dentition is loose including crowns
    • Not suitable for anyone allergic to silicone

    Spartan Guards products are covered by a 1 year (12 months) limited warranty that covers against manufacturing faults and defects. It does not cover loss, improper use, accidental damage or products that have been chewed through. Night guards in particular are designed to withstand grinding force of the teeth but will eventually require replacing. If you find your night guard is wearing out quicker than anticipated you may need to order a thicker option. When placing an order with us you accept that your product decision is your own individual choice and that Spartan Guards will have no liability to you whatsoever. 

    ​We operate a 14 day Money Back Guarantee and will provide a refund (at our descretion) up to the full amount of the cost of the product. This does not include associated postage costs. To qualify for the Money Back Guarantee you must inform us within the 14 day period that you are not happy with your purchase. If an exchange can not be arranged we will issue you with a refund upon receipt of your unwanted product to our laboratory. 


    All products including the impression kit are sent via Australia Post. You should receive your impression kit within 7 business days. Once your impression kit arrives you will find a prepaid return satchel inside. This will provide means for you to return your impression to our laboratory.

    Once your product has been manfactured in the lab your product will be despatched according to the delivery level you selected at checkout

    Standard shipping can take up to 6 business days

    Express shipping should take one business day depending upon time of lodgement and destination point

  • GST

    Prices shown are inclusive of GST.

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