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Why Use Our Sports Mouthguards?

As the new sports season approaches the use of sports mouthguards while taking part in contact sport has become a subject of discussion again, particularly around young kids with a recent article on Wave FM that mentioned the possibility of making them mandatory in order to take part in the sporting acitivity.

Here at Spartan Guards we are of the opinion that a properly fitting mouthguard is just as important as any other safety gear. Damage to childrens teeth is not only painful for the child but can also have a future effect on the development of their adult teeth, meaning expensive dental bills to put things right. Damage to the root of teeth can also cause discolouration of the adult teeth. The cost of a mouthguard is minimal compared to the cost of most dental treatments!

We understand that some people are adverse to the idea of wearing a mouthguard while playing sport as they think it may be uncomfortable to wear or even make it difficult to communicate team strategies effectively while wearing a guard. It's likely possible this is down to them previsously wearing an ill-fitting generic 'boil and bite' type guard that often cause more discomfort than they are worth or they may have had a single laminate custom guard made that was designed too bulky.

What Makes Our Mouthguards Any Different?

Not only are our sports mouthguards designed to fit comfortably they are all designed using a multi-laminate technique that results in less bulk around the palate and more strength around critical areas such as the incisal edges of the teeth. Our Starter range of mouthguards, which are perfect for junior level sports are all dual layer guards unlike a lot of our competitors who use just a single layer design. The Light-pro and Warrior Elite level guards are even more protective, specifically designed for adult teeth with three layers of laminate protection, featuring a hard middle layer that provides serious protection to the edges of the front teeth.

All of our guards are sculpted in a way to provide as much protection as possible to the teeth and gums while also remaining comfortable. We can even imprint the lower jaw teeth into the surface of the guard to provide extra protection against lateral forces and this also helps some people from chewing on their guard during sport.

In conclusion there is no need to avoid wearing a sports mouthguard while playing sport if you use one that is custom made to fit accurately and comfortably.

Check out our range of guards we're sure that you will find one for your sport!

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