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Why Use Custom Fitting Mouthguards?

Keeping teeth protected during sport has never been cheaper or easier than this season with our entire mouthguard range available with an extra $10 off using code SEASON2021.

Mouthguards play an important role in contact sports of protecting the teeth and gums of the person wearing the guard. When you look at the dental costs of fixing broken teeth, which can run into thousands of dollars, then the relatively small cost of a protective dental appliance is clearly a smart investment to make especially when they can last for many years so long as they are properly looked after.

Can't I just Use A Cheap Boil and Bite Guard From The Local Sports Store?

Absolutely! A store bought boil and bite type mouthguard is of course better than no guard at all and will provide some level of protection. The trouble with these types of guard though is no matter how well they may market themselves as having a comfortable fit no amount of moulding them ever seems to get them to fit quite as securely and comfortably as you would like, therefore how can it truly offer the best protection if there is not an accurate fit to begin with?

Custom mouthguards offer the best fit and protection available because they are uniquely made to fit only your teeth based upon a mould made from your dental impression. They fit accurately, providing maximum stability in the event of an impact while still allowing you to breathe and move your lower jaw normally. This means you can concentrate on that winning try and not be distracted by an ill fitting appliance in your mouth!

Multi Layer Protection

Our entire mouthguard range are constructed using a multi layer design from our Starter Guard range that feature a dual layer design, perfect for club sports and junior players, up to our Light Pro and Warrior Elite range that offer 3 layers of protection for those who know they'll be giving and taking heavy hits.

By designing our guards with a multilayer design it means we can offer thicker protection where it's needed around the incisal edges of teeth while minimising unnecessary bulk in areas that could cause discomfort.

Choices, Choices!

All our guards come in a multitude of colour options with a 'base' guard in each category available in clear options and then single colour options and also our freestyle colour option for those who really want to stand out! We are hoping to offer even more colour options soon so keep an eye on our site or sign up to our newsletter if you'd like more information.

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