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Help! Which night guard is best?!

In this blog article we explain the differences between our guards and which work best for certain situations and treatments.

Teeth grinding can be caused by many different factors and often times goes unnoticed by the patient until they start to notice the signs and symptoms that are a result of the stress and wear to their dentition. Teeth that have become increasingly sensitive, waking with jaw and headaches and overall disrupted sleep. Sometimes the noise being caused by the teeth being ground together is so loud it's noticed by partners.

Our Night Guards

All of our guards we sell are custom made to uniquely fit each individual patient exactly the same as one you would purchase through your dentist but without the much higher cost. We use the exact same materials too and this is because in the vast majority of cases the dentist outsources the manfacturing of the guard itself to a dental lab. They then incorporate the lab fee onto the price they charge to you the customer but with a much higher price tag. Our guards also tend to be lot more cofortable than a fully hard night guard you may receive through the dentist and we also offer them in various colour options too!

So to address the question posed at the top of this article, which guard is best? This essentially comes down to how severe your teeth grinding issue is and the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Daytime/Light Grinders

If you are someone who is more aware of their teeth grinding during the day and only moderately clenching then you may find the invisble retainer we sell is adequate for your needs. If your daytime grinding is slightly heavier though then we suggest the 1.5mm guard or the 2.5mm guard for clenching.

Moderate Night Time Grinding

Our most popular option for those who are finding their teeth becoming more sensitive to wear is the 2mm guard. It is our thinnest dual layer guard, which makes it very comfortable to wear with it's soft inner layer but still very durable with it's harder outer layer.

Heavy Grinding and Jaw Clenching

If you are waking with considerable jaw ache, suffering with headaches upon waking up, noticing or been told by your dentist that your teeth are showing signs of significant wear then the 3mm guard is the best option for you. With our 3mm guard being a thicker guard we take into account the bite situation between your teeth known as the occlusion and can design the guard accordingly. Although the guard is 1mm thicker than the 2mm option it is still comfortable to use thanks to the dual laminate material featuring a softer inner layer and the hard outer layer providing that all important protection to your teeth.

Please understand that we don't advise night guards for customers under 16 years of age due to the fact that the dentition at that age is often still in a process of change and growth from adolesence and our guards are not designed to account for that change. In those instances we advise speaking to your dental health professional.

If you're still unsure of which one would be best for your circumstances then please don't hesitate to get in touch with our dental technician either by email to or by calling on 0475671743

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